Collection: Adopt-a-Station (Green line)

I have complete Phase one of this amazingly exciting project. 

How it works: The first 25 (out of a total of 68) of these unique, one of a kind, 360 images are available for purchase.  Each owner will be getting a 20 x 42 inch print that is a one-of-one.  The collector can chose the type of material they prefer. (Pricing will vary)

Each buyer will also be mentioned in the ebook/physical book edition as the official adopter of that station as well as in the info for the expositions to come in the upcoming months.

Once all the 68 stations are adopted, there will be a draw to win one of my 3 piece Typiques (30 x 60in) that will portray all 68 stations plus bonus images of the traditional elements of our Subway Station.  This prize is valued at 2500$.