Welcome to MY World!

I have long known that my vision of our world is different than that of others.

Now you have the the opportunity to see exactly what I do see!

Metro360/MTL Project

I invite you to be part of this huge endeavor.

Metro360-Mtl..capturing the 68 subway stations of Montreal's underground city in 360HDR.

This project has been in the works for more than one year and I have completed Phase 1 (Green Line) - 25 Stations

I have decided to crowdfund the project to help me:

*Upgrade my camera to the Instro360-X3 (800$)

*Upgrade my other worktool: Lenovo Tablet (500$)

*Prepare an official document to present to various possible partners including Ville de Mtl for the complete collection presentation (75 art pieces). 500$

*Launch a physical exposition for Phase 1 - La ligne Verte. 5000$

*Launch a VR exposition to have the whole world discover our amazing Metro. 2000$

* Create a 100+ Page photo book (ebook & Physical). 500$

First Goal is 2500$

Huge THANKS for your help!

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