Welcome to MY World!

I have long known that my vision of our world is different than that of others.

Now I have the the opportunity to show you exactly what I do see!


This is a unique opportunity to Adopt-a-station from my Metro360-Mtl Collection.

I have been capturing the essence of Montréal's 68 Subway stations by using 360HDR photography.  I am working on both a physique exposition + a VR experience that will let people from all over the world see the wonders of our Metro System. 

How it works: presently 25 (the green line) of these unique, one of a kind, 360HDR images are available for purchase.  Each owner will be getting a 20 x 42 inch canvas print that is a one-of-one. 

Each buyer will also be mentioned in the ebook/physical book edition as the official adopter of that station as well as in the info for the expositions.

Once all the stations are adopted, there will be a draw to win one of my 3 piece Typiques (30 x 60in) that will portray all 68 stations plus bonus images of the traditional elements of our Subway Station.  This prize is valued at 1000$.

Take me there!

Metro360 - MTL Project!

NOW is the time to help out get our next project off the ground.

Every purchase in the shop gives you a chance to win one of our AMAZING PRIZES.

Drawing at every 2500$ raised!

  • Prize 1:  Meta Oculus VR glasses (Val $500)
  • Prize 2: Insta360 ONE X2 Camera (Val $600)
  • Prize 3: 24 x 50 Acrylic Print from the upcoming collection (Val $1000)

Grand Prize: 3 panel Metro360 - MTL Montage (Val $2500)

Fundraising Goal: 10,000$ ++++

Good Luck!

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